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Small Saladbowl - "Ode to the apple" - Limited Edition Milena Bassen x KimCeramics

Small Saladbowl - "Ode to the apple" - Limited Edition Milena Bassen x KimCeramics

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- Ode to the apple -

In the ancient tradition of coloring ceramics and porcelain dishes, plants and flowers have always been a popular motif. As an object of illustration we chose an apple. This fruit is one of the most popular and prevalent in Germany and throughout Europe. 

The apple is said to symbolize love, sexuality, fertility, realization, arbitration, harvest (abundance). A sequence of various stages and perspectives (apple twig with blossoms, entire apple, split in two presenting its core) painted on a large salad bowl, refers to the apple’s life cycles. 

The bitten off apple is now visible in the small, empty salad bowl. In the transients of everything only the apple seeds prevail and thus life begins anew.

small saladbowls approx. dimension: Ø 13,5 cm, height 4,5 cm

Each of the bowls have been handmade on the potter´s wheel by KimCeramics and then individually hand-painted and signed by the artist Milena Bassen. Afterwards highfired at 1240°C. It is covered with a transparent glaze with the illustration coming in black. All pieces are unique pieces and are slightly different in size, shape and design.

This bowl is part of a limited edition that has been designed by Milena Bassen and KimCeramics. It consists of a set of a large Serving Bowl and two small bowls. The small bowls are also available as single pieces.

You will receive an artwork as well as an object of your daily use.

We hope this salad bowl set is coming into use for sharing your meal with family, friends and lovers.


Thank you, 

Milena & Kim


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